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Status: In Progress

Port: ZDoom
Levels: 1

Ageia is a map I recently started work on. It is a brown brick citadel map that starts in a walled-off seaport. The map is inspired by Turok 2's "Port of Adia" level. Not much of the level's layout is thought-out yet.

screen 2  

Bathed In Blood
Status: In Progress Port: ZDoom
Levels: 3 planned
Bathed In Blood is a mini-episode consisting of three levels. This WAD will include monsters from the wonderful Doom Beastairy. The prevailing theme is, of course, blood (much like this site!). Starting at an ancient temple, the player will progress deeper into the lair of blood-mongering demons and occultic sorcerors.

screen 1 screen 2 screen 3
screen 4 screen 5  

Built Upon Sin II
Status: On Hold Port: GZDoom
Levels: 1
Spiritual sequel to the second level of Fear Reconstructed. I've been working on/off on this baby for something like 2 years. Its always been that project I'll open up and do bits of work here and there, without much direction. After all the sporatic work done on this, the level began to acquire lots of problems caused by bad organization and my forgetfulness. Because of this, I desided I would rework it from the ground up in a slightly simpler way, this time taking advantage of GZDoom's new editing features. However my interest in the whole concept has deminished over time, and as of now the map hovers in limbo. The screenshots below are of the old build.

screen 1 screen 2 screen 3