• WADMerge

    Utility to merge several WADs' resources together. Main feature is the texture merging.
  • LaunchTool

    A Doom front-end for playing SP games and recording demos. Supports many Doom source ports as well as the original Doom executables.
  • WhackEd2

    Doom hacking utility based on the original Dehacked back from the DOS days. Supports Boom extensions.
  • LANSpeak

    TCP\IP based text communication utility, designed to run on LANs.
  • MC

    Doom map compressing tool. Can compress all maps in a single WAD, in both Hexen and Doom format. Uses sidedef and optionally sector compression.
  • clsWAD

    Visual Basic 6 WAD reading and manipulation class.
  • Shooter2

    In development DirectX top-down shoot 'em up game, written mostly in Visual Basic 6.
  • clsBitmap

    Small bitmap class for use with Visual Basic 6. Pure GDI goodness.